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1967 Mercury Cougar

If you were an engineer or a car designer in the sixties and seventies, you should of have had no problem finding a solid job. Throughout these decades – going back to as early as fifties – car makers were on the prowl f ...

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1970 Plymouth GTX

The GTX – a 2-door hardtop or convertible – was first introduced by Plymouth in 1967. Design-wise, the Plymouth GTX was certainly appealing, and not just by its looks. Each vehicle came with performance-enhancing upgrade ...

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1970 Mercury Cyclone

If you don’t think that “American Muscle Car” belongs in the same sentence as “Mercury,” because it’s outperformed by other brands like Chevrolet, Ford, or Dodge. Granted, Mercury isn’t the most powerful vehicle brand ou ...

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Ford Mustang 2009

The Mustang always has and forever will be a true American symbol of muscle cars. The 2009 Ford Mustang offers a lot for your money – unlike some antiques, it’s a combination of modern style and amazing performance. Alth ...

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1962 Chevy Bel-Air

Throughout the sixties, much like Ford, the Chevrolet company has also worked on a select number of muscle cars. The Chevy Bel-Air, of course, has a lot of history about it that spans 3 decades. Throughout the fifties, t ...

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