2010 Plymouth Road Runner (Concept)

The Plymouth Road Runner has been discontinued since the 80s. But that doesn’t stop the independent designer from Germany, Michael Leonhard. Leonhard is a die-hard graphics designer and a concept car maker who incorporated the Road Runner’s 70s style into a futuristic look that doesn’t even seem 21st century-ish. The 2010 Plymouth Road Runner resembles a Lamborghini-esque look with the swagger of a cop car. And the most exciting part? This concept car will become reality at the 2010 LA Auto Show.

The trick? Leonhard put his concept 2010 Plymouth Road Runner up for sale on eBay, with a hefty $950,000 price tag slapped on its bumper. That’s “just” fifty grand short of a million dollars, but whether its worth it or not is up for debate by individual interested parties. The sleek design features a 2-door, hardtop car with smooth curves and bright LED backlights and headlights. The front grille is a horizontal bar with headlights inserted into it. Just look at the pictures and see for yourself.

2010 Plymouth Road Runner Concept

You see, the 2010 Plymouth Road Runner hasn’t exactly been built yet. This concept car features a hefty 6.1L V8 HEMI, with an estimated 620hp @ 5,200 RPM. What’s it pushing? An incredible 3.8 sec 0-60mph, and an astounding 121mph quarter-mile in under 12 seconds. Compare that to an average Dodge Charger (250HP, 9.3 sec 0-60mph), equip it with a professional driver, and you have a monster on the roads that the police virtually can’t touch (whether a helicopter could keep up with this beast or not is questionable).

According to the designer, the 2010 Plymouth Road Runner is based off of the Dodge Challenger 6.1 L HEMI. From paper to reality, the entire process of making this vehicle should take approximately 40 weeks. Obviously, Leonhard just doesn’t want to make it yet until he has a solid buyer on file. His eBay lot stated that,

If required, minor changes to the design may occur during the building process.

At such a price tag, I just might have to ask to have a jet plane engine installed.

Although it seems like an amazing car on pictures, you could get similar performance from cheaper vehicles. For instance, you can find a comparable Porsche for around 100 grand. Leonhard wants to match the Challenger’s interior trim with minor modifications to fit his image; “A completely new interior with unique design and features is not part of the auction.” Many car enthusiasts around the world are criticizing his auction for such a high markup, but we all know that in this world, there’s a buyer for just about anything.

The pros? If you could get your hands on the 2010 Plymouth Road Runner Concept, you would be driving a one-of-a-kind vehicle that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. On the other side, you could purchase about 7 Lambos for the price of this one Plymouth. Is the overall appeal worth it? That’s up to you and your financial adviser.

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2010 Plymouth Road Runner (Concept) for Sale

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