1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Between the years 1968 and 1980 the Chrysler Corporation's Plymouth division produced a bare bones or no frills muscle car popularly known as the Road Runner. One of the most prized muscle cars of it's day, today the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner has arisen to the status of one of the most sought after collectible muscle cars on the market.

The 1969 Plymouth Road Runner followed in the tradition of some of Plymouth's earlier successful muscle cars such as the GTX and it was that success that had the Plymouth engineers going back to the basics of their muscle car line and come up with the Plymouth Road Runner line.

1969 Plymouth Roadrunner For Sale

This model came in a 2 door coupe, 2 door hardtop and 2 door convertible with a 3 speed automatic or 4 speed manual. Bucket seats made for comfortable seating and it was in 1969 that the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner was adapted to convertible but only about 2,128 were produced and of those only about ten of them came with the Hemi engine. Four of them were four speed and six were automatics so you can imagine the fight to find any of these rare models.

The 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner came with the following specifications such as:

  • 383 V8 with 335 horse power @ 5200 rpm and 425 lb per ft @ 3400 rpm.
  • 440 V8 with 375 horse power @ 4600 rpm and 480 lb per ft @ 3200 rpm.
  • 440+6 V8 with 390 horse power @ 4700 rpm and 490 lb per ft @ 3200 rpm.
  • 426 Hemi V8 with 425 horse power @ 5000 rpm and 490 lb per ft @ 4000 rpm.

The three models of this classic muscle car saw the following production numbers. The ER2-M 2 door coupe saw 33,743 produced, the ER2-M 2 door hardtop coupe saw 48,549 produced and the aforementioned ER2-M 2 door convertible saw 2,128 produced which is why this particular model of the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner so valuable and such one of the most sought after muscle cars in the world.

Plymouth's muscle car line can get confusing with it's other models such as the Plymouth Super Bee. The roadrunner was bare bones. It didn't sport wheel covers nor hubcaps. It also was modified to the point that it could qualify for the racing circuit and it did just that with legendary status. It was the speed of the 383 Hemi that boosted Plymouth and Dodge to the top of the heap of the dragstrip industry. These performance specifications is what put the 1960 Plymouth Roadrunner as the lead competitor to such hot cars at the time as the Chevelle SS-396 and the Pontiac GTO. Actually the 1960 Plymouth Roadrunner became so popular and sales so high that it was named Motor Trend Car of the Year in 1969.

1969 Plymouth Road Runner for Sale

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    Cars with such specifications are rare to find now, i always like the design and features of vintage cars.

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