Ford Alternator Installation: SL and Hi Test Brands

One time, my good old Ford decided to not start up. I turn the key in the ignition – unpleasant noise – nothing. From the clicking sound of the dead alternator, I knew right away that I was out a couple hundred dollars. Luckily, the SL407058 and the HITEST8407 models of SL and Hi Test brand alternators are inexpensive, and can be done at home.

Installing a new alternator in your car is cheaper than going to a service station, because it’s likely that your Ford alternator won’t cost much, but the installation will. It’s difficult and requires handling heavy parts, but if you can take a day to do it, you’ll be sure to save money. Here, we will look at SL Alternator and Hi Test brands for the Ford models.

SL Alternator

The SL407058 model is for manual transmission vehicles, as well as automatic gear boxes. This part only costs about fifty bucks, but can be a pain in the butt to install if you don’t know how to do it. Made to fit the 8 cylinder 1966 Ford Mustang, it’s a low-cost part that simply works.

Hi Test:

The Hi Test HITEST8407 fits manual transmissions. The HITEST8407 model is what you need if you reside in Cali state: it’s a few dollars more expensive than the competitor’s brand, so unless you’re a resident of California, you won’t need it. This is a high quality, direct-replacement OE alternator that’s aimed at drivers who want better performance.

Ford Alternator Installation Guide

Before you even begin, you have to make sure you have the necessary tools for the job: pliers, bucket or pan for any fluids, screwdriver, appropriate tips for those screwdrivers, It’ll be hard to do unless you have a ramp to drive your 1966 Mustang up on, but generally, this is how you would go about replacing your old or broken alternator:

  1. Remove the steering fluid reservoir
  2. Remove the radiator reservoir
  3. Remove the heat shield from the exhaust
  4. Replace.

A service place may charge around $400 to do this – especially for an old car, like a 1966 Ford.

Ford Mustang, needless to say, it’s time consuming and may require more than one man for the job. Invite a buddy or two, replace your alternator, and go out for a beer to celebrate a job well done – that’s the fifth, most fun part of the installation!

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