Ford Mustang 2009

The Mustang always has and forever will be a true American symbol of muscle cars. The 2009 Ford Mustang offers a lot for your money – unlike some antiques, it’s a combination of modern style and amazing performance. Although the 2009 Ford Mustang guzzles gas like no tomorrow, muscle car lovers across the nation love it.

Ford Mustang 2008


  • V8 engine offers excellent acceleration and high speeds – The 2009 Ford Mustang gets from 0 to 60mph in just 5.5 seconds (the GT). Even the V6 edition delivers a bang for your buck.
  • Great style – deliver true Ford Mustang swagger wherever the road takes you.
  • User-friendly panels – the interface of the controls is very simple.
  • Standard satellite radio – comes with the V6 and GT Premium models.


  • Interior quality – not quite on par with some other $20,000+ cars.
  • Gas – gets 26mph on highways and 17mph in cities; the gas tank is 16 gallons.
  • No Stability Control – unfortunate that the 2009 Ford Mustang model did not have this.

What’s impressive about the Mustang family is it’s sustainability; through inflations and deflations, through crises after crises, Ford has been able to keep their Mustang brand alive. Boasting 300 horse powers, this muscle car is not to be messed around with. With four trim levels (V6 Deluxe, V6 Premium, GT Deluxe and GT Premium), you can either get a convertible or a classic coup. The 2009 Ford Mustang features standard additions like wireless key entry, AC, cruise control, a media player with CD/AUX jack capabilities (the V6 Premium also comes standard with the upgraded Shaker 500 system, as well as power driver seat and better wheels), all sitting nicely on 16” alloy rims.

With special edition packages available, every driver can make their 2009 Ford Focus truly unique. Additional options for the V6 lineup include: firmer suspension, a unique front grille, fog lights, and 17” wheels. 18” wheels are available upon special request; other upgrades include xenon headlights, remote ignition, glass roof, a touch screen GPS system for easy navigation, and integration for iPod or Bluetooth devices. The 2009 Ford Mustang is a monster rear-drive classic American muscle car!

Without stability control, road handling isn’t quite on par with competing brand cars like new BMWs and Nissans. The gas guzzling is the trade-off for this muscle car, but those with deep pockets love sporting around a 2009 Ford Mustang – it’s a true American classic.

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Ford Mustang 2009 for Sale

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