Ford Fairlane 1969

The 1960s was Ford’s prime time to show off their muscle cars, thanks to the soaring popularity of NASCAR in those years. The 1969 Ford Fairlane Cobra 428, for example, was an instant winner on the race track, and became a prompt solution to the thirsty car-buyer market that wanted an affordable racehorse on wheels. They didn’t quite compete with Dodge’s and Plymouth’s newer muscle car developments, but it was less pricey, so the 1969 Ford Fairlane had fans of its own.

Ford Fairlane 1969

This car is a classic; any antique car collector with minimal basic knowledge of old muscle cars will recognize this beauty a mile away. Also called the Torino Cobra, it boasts a four-speed manual transmission powering a V8 engine that’s capable of cranking out 335 horse powers at 5200RPM. Like similar cars of today’s production, it could accelerate from 0 to 60mph in 5.5 seconds – a very impressive statistic for its age. Weighing under 3,500 pounds, the 1969 Ford Fairlane is capable of driving a quarter-mile in just 14.4 seconds. There were only 14,000 of them built, and only a few thousand remain in good condition today, meaning that the price for this baby is rocket-high. For antique collectors world-wide, though, the 1969 Ford Fairlane is worth at least a couple hundred thousand dollars.

Standard options included:

  • Bright window frames with tinted glass
  • Racing mirrors
  • Two-tone paint job with a deluxe, three-spoke rim-blow steering wheel
  • Vinyl trim and roof
  • AC system
  • Power steering, windows, power tailgate window, power front-disc brakes, and power bench seat
  • Heavy-duty suspension with rear-shock absorbers, alternator, stabilizer, and power disc brakes
  • Dual-note air horn
  • Luggage rack

The following options were available upon purchase of the 1969 Ford Fairlane as an upgrade:

  • Door edge guards
  • Tape system
  • Spotlight and remote-controlled deck lid release capability
  • 6000RPM tachometer and power drum brakes

With the unique, horizontally shifting speedometer, this car became a hit. Although way below today’s standards in terms of interior design (the 1969 Ford Fairlane looks more like a taxi cab from the inside than a regular car of those days), it still offers a hard muscle punch for the $4,000 of the late sixties. The “coke bottle” design of the late ‘60s / early ‘70s is much desired by car collectors around the world. The hardtop style will forever remain a Ford-esque style that has gained much popularity, thanks to Ford’s classic muscle car brand names like the 1969 Fairlane.

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Ford Fairlane 1969 for Sale

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