1970 Ford Torino Cobra

The 1970 Ford Torino Cobra was an icon of the model line up for that year. The new model featured a long hood with a short deck styling. All of the models featured for this year had a lower roof line than previous models. The sports roof model had a flat roof line and featured an increased windshield rake. When compared to previous year models the overall styling of the 1970 Ford Torino cobra was much more aerodynamic and featured a grille that covered the full width of the front fascia and created a pointed front end. The grille also covered the new quad headlights. Both the front and rear bumpers were chromed and tightly fitted with the taillights situated above them, their rectangular rounded out the edges flowed well into the body lines gracefully extending to the front door and the front fenders. The cobra also featured optional sport slats and Magnum 500 wheels.

The new bodywork added some inches and pounds to the Torino. The wheelbase grew to 114 inches and the length grew by 5 inches. In order to improve the handling and road holding abilities of the Torino the wheel track was widened. However, the suspension still remained unchanged from the previous model. The new car weighed 100 pounds more and heavy duty suspension packages remained as options. A 1970 Ford Torino cobra was subjected to a stringent handling test which was described as completely different. The call was able to go through tight turns in a confidence inspiring manner with an amazing controlled slide.

1970 Ford Torino Cobra

The top of range engine for the 1970 Ford Torino cobra was the 429 SCJ (super cobra jet) rated at 280 kW (375 hp) this was part of the “Drag Pack” option. Selecting this option turned a 429 CJ into a 429 SCJ. The drag pack included a large axle ratio, and included a four bolt main engine block, forged pistons, and a 780 CFM Holley carburettor, a solid lifter cam and engine oil cooler.

Various other options were offered for the differential and axle components. Ram air action was also optional on the 351C-4 which included a new “shaker hood”with a large scoop in the hood leading to the air cleaner. They shaken nickname came from the fact that when the engine was running the hood tended to shake a little less providing the nickname.

The 1970 Ford Torino cobra, remained the pure performance model of the range even though it had less trim than the Torino GT. The cobra came with the standard four speed close ratio transmission.

The Torino Cobra remained the no-nonsense pure performance model, and had a lower level of trim than the Torino GT. The Cobra was only available as a SportsRoof model, and came standard with a 4-speed close ratio transmission, Hurst shifter, competition suspension, flat Hurst shifter, competition suspension, flat black hood and grille, 7" wide wheels, F70-14 tires with raised white letters, twist style exposed hood latches, and "Cobra" emblems. A 1970 Torino Cobra equipped with the Ram Air 370 horsepower (280 kW) 429 CJ, C-6 automatic and 3.50:1 rear axle, and it went 0 - 60 mph (97 km/h) in 6.0 seconds while taking 14.5 seconds at 100 mph (160 km/h) to go through the quarter mile.

Overall, the 1970 Ford Torino cobra was a very successful model and will be forever remembered as one of the greatest muscle cars ever.

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