1963 Ford Galaxie 427

For those who are old enough to remember Ford’s slogan in year 1963 that marketed its Galaxie 427 mode, the catchphrase “Total Performance” won’t be unfamiliar. Indeed, the 1963 Ford Galaxie 427 totally matched this description. Featuring a 119” wheelbase, the car weighed 3,700 lbs and could be purchased for under 3 grand. The 1963 Ford Galaxie 427 was capable of delivering 425 horse powers at 6,000RPM and produced 480 lb-ft torque at 3700 RPM. Because of it’s weight, though, it could only crank out 7.4 second time in the 0-60mph drag. The 1963 Ford Galaxie got up to 95 mph in a 15.4-second quarter-mile.

1963 Ford-Galaxie 427

Faster versions, like the 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 and the Galaxie 500XL, featured an aerodynamic roof which provided a competitive edge on the race track. The base engine was a 425-cid 309/406 V8, but Ford decided to call this model the 427 as per Nascar’s official engine power cut-off. Some called it fake advertising; others just enjoyed the car for the beast that it really was. Basically any engine could be installed in this vehicle because of the way the hood was built. The 1963 Ford Galaxie could run at 7,000 RPM thanks to its forged aluminum pistons, forged steel crankshaft, and strengthening cross-bolted main bearing caps. Both the base and the upgraded models had aluminum manifolds, and 11.5:1 compression rates.

Because of its weight, the 1963 Ford Galaxie 427 was at a disadvantage when competing with its 300 lbs lighter rivals. Although Ford came out with about 50 fiberglass models that had no interior parts and was louder than consumer-built versions, the Galaxie still had a tough time competing with Chevy and Plymouth.

Originally debuted in 1959, the Ford Galaxie lineup included names like the Town Victoria, Club Victoria, Skyliner Retractable, Club Sedan, Town Sedan, and Sunliner Convertible. Unlike competitors like the later Cougar, the 1963 Ford Galaxie had different trims and design modifications for each of their names. The convertible top, for example, conveniently folded up inside the trunk; however, the hardtop model was still the most popular version. It’s no wonder Ford’s slogan before “Total Performance” was a bold, yet true phrase, “Thunderbird Elegance.”

This car had everything the Thunderbird featured, and then some. The 1963 Ford Galaxie 427’s unique design lines are timeless; is it any wonder that the Galaxie is one of Ford’s most collectible classic American muscle cars?

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1963 Ford Galaxie 427 for Sale

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