USA Industries vs Hi-Test Starters for Dodge

Did you know that 90% of car starter failures deal with the solenoid going out of order? There’s no worse situation that can mess up your day than you running late to an important meeting, turning your car key in the ignition, only to hear it fluttering and the engine running slow, or ever worse, not starting at all. This car part can cost between $100-$200 and many models are available, but what makes one better than the other?

USA Industries

The USA Industries USS2790 car starter’s core charges apply, and you can grab one at around $130. It’s a direct OEM replacement unit made of high-quality zink backing plates and copper commutators. New insulators give this manufacturer enough confidence to offer a warranty for this car starter, as well.


The Hi-Test brand starters can usually be found for under $100, but they’re refurbished at the factory, which means they’re not brand new. But if you don’t care, it’s just as good as the competing brands, but might not come with the manufacturer’s warranty.

How To Install a Car Starter

  1. Run the car up a ramp or jack up the hood for access from the bottom, and disconnect your car battery
  2. Near the manifold (left side) you will see the old starter. Disconnect the wiring, taking note of which wire ran to which connector
  3. There will be holders that keep the starter in place that will need to be removed, as well as wiring running to the battery and all wiring affixed to the solenoid
  4. You’ll be able to disconnect the starter from its chassis by using a socket wrench on the top bolt in it, after which you’ll need to detach the bottom bolt
  5. If you’re looking to get a core deposit when you get rid of the old starter, then put it in the new starter’s box for return
  6. Your car starter should come with specific instructions on how to install it, but you can go back up from steps 4 to 2 as a general rule.
  7. Reconnect the wires, hook the battery back up, and see if your car starts

This may be a time consuming process, so I’d suggest checking with a local auto shop to see if it’s worth it to have it done professionally.

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