2006 Dodge Avenger Concept

The Paris Motor Show in 2006 became Dodge Avenger’s point of introduction on the market. This concept car was launched in Britain, and has attained popular success among coupe vehicle owners. Also known for its similarities to the Dodge Daytona which hasn’t been in production since 1993, the Dodge Avenger was in production since 1995; it was debuted with a 103” wheelbase, had two engine options, and either manual or automatic transmissions. The car quickly adapted 16” wheels, which immediately became standard. In year 2000, Dodge discontinued the 4-cylinder engine, leaving the Avenger with a 6.0L engine. An extra sports trim could be purchased separately, and it included alloy wheels along with other sports accessories and options.

2006 Dodge Avenger Concept

The 2006 Dodge Avenger Concept is a bit of a downgrade, but it was designed to fit the European market, which isn’t as power-hungry as American muscle car lovers. It holds a 2-liter, 122 cu. in. engine with direct fuel injection. This red-hot sedan looks appealing to prospective buyers who are looking for a mid-size class vehicle. The innovative design features a long hood, a sexy rear spoiler, and slick shoulders that could have made a bold statement on the American roads, had this model been put to production. The 2006 Dodge Avenger Concept breaks away from the boring presumption that all mid-size class cars are your average sports vehicle.

It’s a shame that this four-door car didn’t have a market for it in the United States at the time of its debut at the Paris Motor Show. Perhaps this was because of it’s small diesel engine, yet gas-guzzlers like the ever-popular Hummers survived nonetheless. The designers decided to up the wheel game by putting 19” silver five-spoke wheels on the 2006 Dodge Avenger Concept. Its attractive chrome tip exhaust pipes sounded nice, and the red break pads that could be seen through the wheel spokes made it truly stand out of the crowd. The car’s deep side sills, short height and solid traction made it overall a fun to drive car.

How did it fare in Britain? The 2006 Dodge Avenger Concept was Dodge’s second concept car. It was also Dodge’s fourth vehicle on the European market; according to their spokesperson, the car would provide stiff competition to Mazda6 and Alfa Romeo 159. The truth is, Dodge needed to leverage their market due to lowering numbers in car sales in the U.S. As of Q3 of 2006, Dodge sold over 1,840,000+ vehicles in America, but only 129,300 cars outside of the United States. Due to the oncoming recession, Chrysler knew that Dodge would need to become a household name overseas, and this is exactly what they tried to do by introducing the Avenger in Europe.

Dodge’s latest entry in Europe was the 2008 Dodge Journey, which featured a bigger engine and more transmission options. However, this 5-door wagon doesn’t even come close to the sex appeal of the 2006 Dodge Avenger Concept, which the United States, unfortunately, will never see.

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