1969 Dodge Dart 440

Looking for a classic car to bring home? Then why not go for the 1969 Dodge Dart 440? Any car enthusiast would love this vintage car complete with the good looks and powerful engine.

1969 Dodge Dart 440 for Sale

The "Dodge Fever"

Back in the year 1969, the "Dodge Fever" was definitely on. The Dodge Dart had an appeal that a lot of car enthusiasts just could not resist. It had a broad appeal that attracted those who are eyeing sensible sedans to those who want a pony car. It was definitely a hot item back in the days. So if you are looking for a classic car, this is surely the one to go for.

The Dodge Dart 1969 has several models and body styles. You can have a sedan type Dodge Dart that has four doors. The Custom hard top with four doors is also a favorite. There is also the GT model, GTS model and the Swinger model.

But, if you want a classic car with looks that appeal to the younger generations, then the Swinger model of the Dodge Dart 1969 is the one to go for. Not only is it bright red in color, it is also designed with bumble bee stripes. It will surely make heads turn while you go cruising down town.

Under the hood, the 1969 Dodge Dart 440 boasts of a powerful V-8 engine which is capable of providing as much as 375 horsepower at a rate of 4,600 revolutions per minute. This is then coupled by a torque of 480 ft-pounds with a rate of 3,200 revolutions per minute.

The horsepower rate keeps the car powered up until it reaches the speed you want. On the other hand, the high torque rates stand for the twisting force which is generated by the motor of your vehicle. This is then of great help for your acceleration.

Given this type of engine, you can surely go anywhere and not worry about your car losing power and disappointing you in the middle of a road trip with your family or friends. Although this model is not really a four-by-four vehicle that is meant for rough rides, you can be assured that with this engine under the hood of your car, you can go through even the tough road situations.

Tough but Stylish

This car is perfect for the men but it can also be a good choice for the women. This is actually a muscle car with tough looks that will easily make you the king or queen of the road. You can actually notice its beauty and toughness stand out from other cars on the road.

If you compare the 1969 model to the 1968 Dodge Dart 440 in terms of the look, then it would be safe to say that the 1969 model just had a minor face lift. It was a bit longer and lower. It also comes with round fuselage lines coupled with simple yet pleasingly attractive grille.

But what made the 1969 Dodge Dart 440 appealing to a lot of car enthusiasts, and perhaps what may even draw you to it is its unique shape. In fact, the body and the parts of this Dodge Dart model is so beautifully made that it appears to be very stylish.

Although it is a muscle car and it has got tough looks, it is not that rugged to the point of sloppiness. In fact, what stands out is its stylishness which seems to exude confidence and nimbleness. This car surely and easily draws attention to it.

On the Road

If you like going at fast speeds, then this baby can hold up to your expectations. In fact, the engine can push you from 0 miles per hour to an astounding 60 miles per hour in a matter of 5 seconds. How is that for speed and power? You can even cover around one-fourth of a mile in a little more than 13 seconds at a speed of 107 miles per hour.

Go or no?

In the end, the question is, is this a car to go for? Well, that can be answered with a resounding yes. It has both the looks and the power — a rare combination. More than that, it is a classic car. And for a car enthusiast, nothing beats a powerful vintage.

1969 Dodge Dart Pictures

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1969 Dodge Dart 440 for Sale

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  1. Date: January 19, 2013 at 19:10
    Author: Tim

    Any other pictures of this vehicle. I am interested in buying it perhaps?

  2. Date: February 3, 2013 at 01:13
    Author: Josh

    Nice choice of color

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