1969 Dodge Charger R/T-SE

The 1969 Dodge charger RT/SE came as a muscle car appearance in 1969 and was enhanced by the use of a divided grille with six functional air vents in the divider piece resembling dual intakes. Near wall to wall rectangular tail lights which were recessed replaced the dual, round projecting lights used on the 1968s. These lights are surrounded by a black insert as they were in 1968 to retain Charger's highway identity. Total production of the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T-SE model was 89,119 units.

There were many changes seen for the popular charger in 1969. Along with the minor exterior changes, included a new grille, with a centre divider and new longitudinal taillights all, designed by Harvey J. Winn. There was a special edition package with a new trim line, called the special edition or SE. this option was available by itself or packaged with the R/T, thus making the 1969 Dodge charger R/T-SE.

1969 Dodge Charger R/T-SE

1969 Dodge Charger SE added leather inserts to the front seats, a wood grain steering wheel and wood grain inserts on the instrument panel, chrome rocker mouldings and a sunroof was added to the option list as well, however, it would not be a very popular option as only 260 units were ordered. Instead of the previous models offering of the four characteristic ‘bumblebee’ stripes of its predecessor, it now had one bold, central stripe, with two much thinner stripes running alongside it. In the middle of the central bold stripe, the famous R/T cut-out was placed so that the slick paintwork gleamed from underneath. If the option to remove the stripes was taken, then a sleek chromed plate of the R/T logo was fixed to where the cut-out should have been. The Standard engine for 1969 was the 318 cubic inch V-8 producing 230 hp.

The standard six cylinders was the 225 cubic inch, 145 hp slant six. Two optional 383s were on offer to the general public with either a two or four barrel carburettors that would produce a screaming 290 and 330 hp respectively. In the 1969 Dodge Charger Charger R/T-SE, which accounted for 21 percent of 1968 Charger sales, the 440 C.I.D. Magnum, 375 H.P. pure muscle power plant was a standard fixture and for a little more the 426 C.I.D., 425 H.P. Hemi was an outstanding optional upgrade to this muscle legend.

The 1969 Dodge Charger R/T-SE has a "tunnel roof" and the rear window is less slanted. The grille is flush mounted instead of recessed to improve air flow and the headlights are fixed instead of concealed, flush mounting provided a tremendous aerodynamic advantage which was to culminate in the Charger as in the Charger R/T. Powered by the 426 cubic inch Hemi engine became known as ‘The Charger 500’ and was built to a NASCAR requirements At the other end of the spectrum Dodge also built a 225 slant six Charger for those desiring a sporty look, with a more economy focused fuel bill. 500 of these cars were built.

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