1996 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 SS

Fans of muscle cars will always remember the fourth generation version of the classic Chevrolet Z28 and the 1996 Chevrolet Z28 in particular! This car became a classic so fast that today finding one will bring about stories of legend.

This pony car/muscle car was a 2 door coupe that also came as a 2 door convertible. It had an F Body platform and FR layout. From 4 automatic to 5-6 speed manual. Wheelbase came in at 101.1 inches or 2,568 mm. 193 inches or 4,907 mm. 74.1 inches wide or 1,882 mm. It was 52 inches in height or 1,321 mm.

1996 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 SS

The Chevrolet Camaro Z28 featured the additions to the line of some minor revisions on the mechanical end. The car was pumped up with the 3800 series II that sure got the eye of Camaro enthusiasts. Dual catalytic converters needed by the OBDII brought about lower restriction but added that pump that was part of the mechanical upgrade. That sent the power up toe 285 hp and 325 lb per ft of torque.

It cleared the ground at 4.4 inches or 112 mm. Fuel capacity was 15.5 gallons or 58.7 litres. The engine also sported V8 in 90 degree vee, bore x stroke of 4 in x 2.48 in or 101.60 mm x 8840 mm, a displacement of 5.7 litre, 5733 cc, 349.849 cu in. Compression ratio of 10.40:1, EFi fuel system. Maximum power of 289 PS/285 bhp, 212.5 kW at 5200 rpm.

Let's not forget this car, yes, this car was the return of the SS! Now you know why this particular model, the Chevrolet Camaro Z28 from 1996 is so sought after. Had the company known back then what we know now they would have freaked. The car line was discontinued back then due to low sales etc. but that made this version of the Camaro the classic that it is today.

The tweaks that were performed on this line caused the hop up in power to the point it became a more powerful machine than cars that were manufactured almost ten years later. This is another reason that muscle car enthusiasts put this model on their must see and must have lists. If you go to many car shows that feature pony cars like this one you'll be able to get a look at not only how well they've held up but the various attributes that shows what people in the know appreciate.

If you grew up in the days when the 1996 Chevrolet Camaro was zooming round the country you will recall how people stood around in wonder at this machine. It has style and power and the name Camaro and with that Z28 attached meant if you were driving one of these people noticed you. You could see these vehicles today as collectors parade them now and then and some people even still have them for daily usage. If you do find one you'll need to first think about maintaining one for long term collectibility and you'll not only look good but have a piece of history.

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