1995 ZR1 Corvette

The 1995 ZR1 Corvette is a 3 door coupe type body with rear wheel drive. It has a manual 6 speed gearbox and an engine 5732 cm3 349.8 cui displacement, power 302 KW, 405 horse power, 411 PS., 5800 and 522 Nm, 385 lb-ft, 5200 of torque.

The dimensions of the 1995 ZR1 Corvette length is 4534 mm, 178.5 inches, 1859 mm, 73.2 inches wide and its wheelbase of 2443 mm, 96.2 inches. The fuel consumption of this care and its mileage is 17/25 mpg US, 13.8/9.4I/100km, 20.3/29.9 mpg, 7.2/10.6 km/I.

This car is engineered by GM Chevrolet with a spark ignition 4 stroke. Fuel type is gasoline and has an indirect injection fuel system.

It comes in with a weight of 1593 kg/3512 lbs.

Just about everyone marvels at a Corvette. It's just that kind of car that emerged with a design that caught on from the first one that rolled off the assembly line. People went ape for the Corvette and that's why this model is still popular. Corvettes have a tendency to grow in value but this one started out as one of the most expensive. The only one that came as a coupe with a 6 speed manual gearbox. This LTS stands out as the one and only V8 put into a Corvette and it is aluminum at that.

This Vette now stands out because of its particular nuances like its engine and more. People just love Corvettes and this one stands out in particular. If you take a look at the design and travel about in it you can feel the power and see the heads turn as you would drive by.

Yes, this Corvette like its predecessors and successors stands as a classic in car design and engineering. Fans of these cars meet at car shows large and small just to show off what they do. The modest customizing shows how concerned they are to keep the original factory specs but add a tad bit of their own personality. It has been this way with Corvettes since day one.

It's high cost at the time made people suspicious as to what it could really do or if it had some secret device built inside. Sure it had some experimental things done but it basically was the fact it was a Corvette that got everyone's attention. Sure the aficionados poured over every detail of this car but then they always did and always will.

This Vette like others in its family is now a collectors item. There are several that show up on the web and at auction sites. The prices vary but they're still quite high. This is why Corvettes grow in value so much. This particular model has a certain appeal that brings about a bit of curiosity regarding it. That all adds to the mystery and mythos of the Corvette.

There's much more to this model of Corvette and one will find many forums, blogs and websites devoted to it. That's why the Corvette community continues to amaze the auto industry.

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