Chevrolet Exhaust Systems: Borla vs. Magnaflow

Cars break. Unfortunately, the exhaust system is one of those expensive things that can go out of order unexpectedly. Two leading Chevrolet brands for exhaust systems are Magnaflow and Borla. Comparison shopping should be your second nature with car parts; local retail stores, as well as online merchants, can mark-up these kinds of products by a significant amount, and if you don’t double-check, you might be out of money.

Chevrolet Magnaflow

Chevrolet Magnaflow

Magnaflow is one of those brands that has their top model exhaust system cost triple their cheapest. You can find the Magnaflow M6616582 for under $500, while the state-of-the-art Magnaflow M6616583 could run you over $1,100. The former is an axle-back exhaust system made of fully durable, stainless steel with a natural finish. Magnaflow claims that it will boost your horse powers by an average 10%. The latter provides an additional boost in torque as well as other miscellaneous performance gains. Both are designed with state and federal laws in mind – both in compliance with inspection and sound regularions – but don’t forget to check before you buy, anyway.

Chevrolet Borla Trailblazer

Chevrolet Trailblazer Borla

Their prices vary from $650 to over $1200 for a new exhaust system. The lower-end Borla models, such as the B2511775, don’t promise a 10% increase in horse power production, but do promise easy bolt-on installation and a million-mile warranty. It produces a nice sound with a smooth, deep, roaring tone. The high-end models like the Borla B25140280 are made from aircraft-quality sound-absorbing steel and provide better fuel economy.

Chevrolet Exhausted Systems Tip

If your check-engine light went on, and the dealership told you that your exhaust system is broke, then your first question should be whether or not it’s covered by the warranty. One time, I saved $800 on a new alternator because it was covered by a warranty that says that the manufacturer will pay for it if your car has under 80,000 miles on it. How many did I have? Just a few hundred under 78,000! I was just happy it was a free fix, and wasn’t my exhaust system, because I didn’t know if that was covered also or not.

When it comes to exhaust systems, those can be pretty expensive, especially for Chevrolet. Nevertheless, whether you’re in the market for an upgrade because you just want to soup up your Chevy or because it went out of order, two serious brands to consider are Borla and Magnaflow.

Chevrolet Borla & Magnaflow exhaust systems for sale on eBay

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