The Top Aftermarket Accessories for Your Classic Muscle Car

As a classic muscle car enthusiast, you wear the pride of your ride on your sleeve all the time. Whether you've left it in the garage in favor of your commuter car for the day, or you tool around town whenever the opportunity presents itself, once you get home, the continual care and maintenance of your sleek vehicle is always essential - and always a work in progress. However, keeping your classic muscle car in top-notch form never feels like a chore. And, the love you invest in it has a way of paying off in spades especially when curious eyes are captured by its clean body lines.

Standing out from the rest of the highway herd is another reason why owning a classic muscle car is a top priority for you. Call it a form of nostalgia or even owning a slice of automobile history, the fact remains that keeping its good looks restored and ready to roll on the open road is an integral part of owning one. You may have a soft spot in your heart for the Ford Tornio GT or Mustang. Maybe it’s a classic Chevelle SS or Camaro that you prefer. Either way, having a custom-fit car cover helps you preserve the aesthetics of your ride when you're not driving it. Rest assured that you can find the perfect car cover for your classic even if you're weighing the outdoor vs. indoor options of your purchase.

In regards to your classic muscle car interests, consider this: More and more muscle car enthusiasts are shunning those newer accessories in favor of a traditional approach to maintaining their vehicle. You may fall into this category and opt to keep your car looking just like it did when it rolled off the factory lines more than 30 years ago. However, your interior demands protection - especially those carpeted floor boards. That's why a new set of floor mats are a perfect way to protect your car when it's in use. And, since they're removable, car floor mats won't ever alter your original factory specs. Slip them in when you need them, and take them out when you don't - it's that easy. And, the overall upkeep of your car gets an updated form of protection.

Staying in line with the theme of your muscle car's interior, you've also got to pay extra attention on how you care for your seats. Now, part of the experience in owning a classic is feeling good about the parallels between what your car looked like in the past, and how good it still looks now. By installing a set of removable seat covers on your muscle car, you keep it guarded against unforeseeable accidents, and many of nature's unavoidable elements when you're out driving. Once you pull into your driveway at home, however, you can take your seat covers off and relish in the pristine showroom condition of your original seats.

Only a privileged few in your circle of trust know what it's like to sit inside your muscle car. However, when you're out on that free and easy Sunday drive, mostly everyone is craning their neck to get a nice look at your exterior finish when you cruise past them. This is when your paint job needs to look its best. Immediately following the ritual of your muscle car's wash, a nice automotive wax application is the next step. It's a good idea to wax as soon as you're done washing and thoroughly drying your car because small particles of debris, dust and other forms of airborne contaminants won't have a chance to form on your finish. And, make sure you wax your muscle car in a shaded area to avoid the smear effect on your finish - you never want to deal with that.

Applying wax in thin layers is also ideal for best results. Go beyond just one heavy coat of wax and opt for two smaller applications to get the pronounced color and depth you want. Once the wax has been applied evenly, a proper buff and polish is key to finishing the job right. To get this aspect of detailing done, a mechanical buffer works great, or you can turn to a clean set of microfiber towels and cloths to use with your bare hands. And, detailing the other parts of your muscle car while you're at it - windows, jams, dashboard and the like - will also go a long way toward its immaculate look. Whether your ride has been in storage throughout the cold, harsh winter, or just hasn't been driven in the last few weeks, you'll be happy to know that a nice wash and wax will keep it looking cherry for years to come.

There's a reason why you've invested your time and resources in the upkeep of your muscle car. One may find that they loved the look of a certain car but never had the chance to own it in their earlier years. Or, perhaps you owned one at some point, had to sell it along the way, and now that you have it once again in your possession, you'll never let it out of sight. Whatever your reasons, remember: the preventative maintenance of your ride is one of the most important aspects of being its owner. Now, get out there and enjoy it!

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