2011 Top 10 Most Viewed Muscle Cars

With 3 months of delay I did however decide to publish the most viewed American muscle cars within our website. The results are not quiet surprising and do closely match with what I personally suspected the list of most viewed pages would consist. All 10 of the muscle cars that you will later see in this list are special for one or another reason so it's not surprising at all to see them in this list, and they fit just well.

2011 was a year full of emotions, challenges and intriguing for the entire time for classicmusclecarsale.net and I am very happy with the course it had in 2011 and hope into a even better 2012. The intent was to keep the site entertaining and informative for enthusiasts but considering the amount of time and efforts it takes build and maintain the site I haven't really delivered completely to you (my visitors) what I really wanted, and since the site kept growing I was also forced to monetize the site to keep up with the expenses, hence the advertising page you see in this website. All the hard work as I previously mentioned has made so that 2011 was a year full of emotions for this classic & muscle cars dedicated website and the list bellow it just makes me keep going on and maintain the website.

Top 10 Most Viewed Muscle Cars in 2011

I believe now you understand much better why I wasn't even surprised about the list that came out (note, the list is based on views that each of these car page reviews have received). To be honest I was also expecting the '68 Camaro RS/SS to show up on the list, but to my surprise...it wasn't there.

Which muscle cars would have you expected to be in the list and in what order? Let us know and discuss why you believe your preferred car should have been in the list.

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