The Best Classic Car Shows

We all love classic cars and we love working on our own prized cars, but some of the best places to get inspiration are classic car shows. With plenty of new ideas for customizations using after market auto parts and per ...

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Muscle Cars and HID Lights

If you’re a muscle car owner with a serious inclination to improve your vehicle’s headlights, you may want to try using upgraded lighting technology. With HID lighting, you can improve upon the efficiency and performanc ...

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8 Tips for Shipping Your Dream Car

Got that dream car you always wanted and purchased it online? It's far from home and you need to transport the car in front of your garage? Read these extremely useful 8 tips given to you from the leaders on car transpor ...

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Classic Car Insurance

If you need insurance for your vehicle, the first thing you should know about are the different types of specialty cars and how to distinguish them. For example, there are classic cars, antique cars and collector cars. T ...

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